epolink WB epoxy


Epolink WB Water based epoxy offers the specifier and end user the benefits of the latest developments in waterborne coating technology.


The system offers a unique combination of ease of application, which includes fast drying, to an extremely durable protective coating. The use of this coating results in an environmental sustainable alternative to conventional solvent borne paints. This also results in minimal impact on end user operations.


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Compset UHS epoxy


Compset UHS is a solventless, high build, heavy duty epoxy coating for the protection of concrete floors and walls against chemical attack and mechanical abrasion in industrial installations.

The surface finish of Compset UHS makes this system ideal for applications where hygiene and cleanliness are important.

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Compset HS epoxy


Compset HS epoxy is a high solids, high build, decorative epoxy resin coating formulated for long work time and
ease of use. It provides a hard wearing surface suitable for foot and rubber-tyred vehicles as well as
chemical processing environments.

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Compset LV


Compset LV is a high gloss, low viscosity solvent free polymer system designed for application as a hard wearing
surface over concrete. Integerating the newest hybrid technology, Compset LV combines the ease of application of epoxies with the toughness and wear resistance of acrylic..

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