construction injection


Compset epoxy injection system - fast gelation is a solvent free, low viscosity, epoxy resin system

that exhibits good working time, low exotherm and fast strength controlled by rapid gelation technology.


Designed for demanding environments ...   toughness and flexibility



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construction grouting


Epopol 7042 Grout is a high strength, non shrink, pourable epoxy resin system grout. This system may be extended with graded sand filler that require deep pours, or to enable a trowellable consistency. The system comprises of Epopol 7042 Epoxy Resin with two curing agent selections ...


•   Standard Hardener  SH                • Deep Pour Hardener DP

    Fast compressive strength              Low exotherm deep pours


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concrete floor protection 1mm - 5 mm


Epopol  305 Series is specially formulated as a 1mm - 5mm epoxy floor topping designed for harsh conditions both in application and end use. The product is characterised by the ease of handling and speed of application.



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